Simple Bathroom Makeover

Update under $1000.

This homeowner wanted to update their tired 1980’s hall bathroom. It has oak cabinets and a cultured marble sink. They didn’t want to spend a fortune on a makeover because no one really used this bathroom now that the kids were grown.

Because they wanted to keep their home updated for the day they decide to sell it, they opted for something simple but elegant. We suggested painting the cabinets, changing the sink with a laminate counter top and replacing the mirror.

The first thing we did was remove the doors and primed all the oak. The cabinet doors were done on both sides and the cabinets, themselves were only primed on the exterior. We chose a brown-toned gray latex paint and gave the cabinets 2 coats followed by 2 coats of poly. Next, we pried the frameless mirror off and patched the wall. The sink was removed and we installed Typhoon Ice laminate counter top from Home Depot. We custom cut the counter to fit the space and allow for a $40 sink. The homeowners selected a bronze faucet, bronze light and a framed mirror. We installed the hardware, hung the mirror, and replaced the bar light.

The result … a gorgeous update for under $1000.