Master Bathroom Remodel

Everyone loves an updated bathroom.

This tiny bathroom had one sink and a separate shower/toilet area. We relocated the master closet and opened it up so there was room for 2 vanities.  The shower was only 36 x 36 so we took a small closet that was beside it and widened it to a full 7′ x 3.5′ . Next we added alcoves for shampoo and soaps, a bench, and waterproofing. We used large “subway” style tiles in a neutral color and tiled the sides and ceiling. We used small 2×2 square tiles for the floor and enlarged the entrance opening.

The toilet was turned and the door was re-installed to open in a different direction. The floor was tiled in a different ceramic so the room didn’t looked closed-in. A double door to the entire bathroom was added for privacy.  The cost was around $15000.