Basement Update

Basements need love, too! We converted this dark basement into a place for the entire family.

Making a basement into a place where people want to be isn’t that difficult. Frequently, it is simply a matter of brightening up the walls and ceilings then installing new fresh carpet or flooring.

In this basement makeover, we painted the drab, old-fashion dark paneling walls with flat Accessible Beige. We painted the ceiling tiles with a flat white to brighten up the dingy yellowish squares of the drop ceiling. Next we painted the panel soffet that had been built to house the HVAC vents that ran across the ceiling the same color as the walls. Then we removed the carpet and installed a fresh frieze carpet and cleaned all the windows and doors.

In addition, we replaced the panel box light with a 3 bulb billiard light and installed bright white light bulbs in all the recessed light fixtures.

There was a built-in bar in the back corner of the basement and we simply included it in the update. The counter was already a varnished wood but over the years had been badly worn. We sanded the bar counters and gave it several coats of poly. We also replaced the skimpy light over the bar area with a pendent light.

The cost was just under $5000 to complete this huge basement.  The result is clearly a bright and cozy basement the family wants to spend time in.